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The Smart Travelers is an inspirational online travel magazine bringing you the latest travel tips, trends, and insider secrets into the travel industry and beyond.


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Our content delves into what the modern savvy traveler would be interested in, bringing the latest travel trends, tips, and seasonal promotions right to their inbox. 

We work with a wide variety of article types- including hotel reviews, destination guides, and recommended travel itineraries.


Readers can look forward to guides on local staycation in Singapore, as well as offering our explorations of sensational and wondrous travel itineraries, from those off-the-beaten-path adventures, to classic destination reviews of monumental places that you just ‘have to’ include in your travel bucket list.

In spite of the extensive travel restrictions we present you with articles of sublime distant lands to satisfy your wanderlust natures. Allow us to sponsor your mind and heart on a First-Class all expenses paid ticket of your dreams.

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Katherine Sng


is an octopus like most mothers are. The single mother to an active eight-year-old, is also a business owner and a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating right. Katherine maintains a positive and youthful outlook on life, and she believes that one should live every day with purpose.With her packed schedule, Katherine runs on caffeine, yet she strives to give back as much as she receives. She firmly believes that empowerment is possible for anyone, as long as they keep their faith and believe in their God-given gifts and abilities. She also believes in surrounding herself with people who share her core values, and considers their success her success

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Calister Kang

Staff Writer

I am a results-oriented individual, determined to perform exceptional work while delivering great value. This is why I enjoy fashion because I like surrounding myself in something beautiful and something meaningful, like a story to tell. Just like reading a book, you learn to suspend judgment when you’re watching a runway fashion show. And so, fashion becomes heaven where I can reclaim my humanity and that is why I grew to I love fashion.

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